Everything About Starbucks and Reason Why Starbucks Uses Tall, Grande, and Venti

Everything About Starbucks and Reason Why Starbucks Uses Tall, Grande, and Venti


If you order a coffee at Starbucks, the famous chain of cafes, you will notice that their cup sizes have unusual names like “Tall,” “Grande,” and “Venti.” These names may confuse you, but don’t worry, as we explore the interesting origin of Starbucks coffee sizes and reveal the reason behind their names.

The Origins of Starbucks Coffee Sizes


Starbucks, known for its iconic coffee sizes, offers a total of four options. These sizes are:


1. Short Boy (Smaller Size): This is the smallest size Starbucks offers.

2. Tall Boy: A size used for medium drinks.

3. Large Size (Medium Size): The middle-ground between small and large.

4. Venti (Large Size): The largest size on the Starbucks menu.


As you might expect, the larger the size, the higher the price and the greater the quantity. Now, let's unravel the history behind these intriguing names.


 A Journey to Italy Inspires Starbucks


Before Starbucks, its founder, Howard Schultz, entered the coffee business with a small chain of coffee shops called Il Giornale. The names of Starbucks coffee sizes—Short, Tall, and Large—were inspired by Il Giornale's Italian roots. However, the addition of Venti to the menu came later. The catalyst for these naming conventions was Howard Schultz's eye-opening trip to Italy in 1983.


Schultz was enchanted by the way Italians enjoyed their coffee and the cozy atmosphere of their cafes during his trip. He wanted to bring the same experience to the US when he started Il Giornale and later Starbucks. He decided to name Starbucks cups differently from other coffee places and chains, creating a unique coffee culture.


Schultz's vision was not just about serving coffee; it was about creating an immersive coffee experience. He drew inspiration from the very place that had left a lasting impression on him—Italy. This intersection of marketing strategy and Schultz's admiration for Italy gave birth to the Starbucks coffee sizes we know today.


 Evolution of Starbucks Sizes


While Grande and Venti have become familiar to Starbucks enthusiasts, you might wonder why the English menu retains "Tall Boy" and "Short Boy." Moreover, why use "Tall" for small cups?


In the 1990s, Starbucks had only three cup sizes on its menu: Short, Tall, and Large. "Short" was the smallest, "Tall" served as the medium size, and "Grande" represented the large size. However, with the introduction of "Venti," Starbucks felt that four sizes were excessive. As a result, "Short" was removed from the menu, and "Tall" began to represent the small cup size.


 Understanding Starbucks Coffee Sizes


Now, let's clarify the different Starbucks coffee sizes and why they have these unique names:



- Size: 8 fluid ounces

- Ideal for: Cappuccinos

- Note: While not listed on the menu, you can request a Short if you prefer a smaller serving.



- Size: 12 fluid ounces

- Used for: Medium-sized drinks

- Interesting fact: Despite the name, "Tall" represents a medium-sized cup.



- Size: 16 fluid ounces

- Suitable for: Hot or cold beverages

- Espresso: If you order an espresso in this size, you'll receive two shots.



- Two variations:

  - Venti Hot: 20 fluid ounces

  - Venti Cold: 24 fluid ounces

- Note: Cold drinks often include ice, explaining the difference in size. A Venti cold espresso contains three shots, while a hot one contains two (the same as Grande).


 Trenta Cold

- Size: 31 fluid ounces

- Typically available for iced coffee and cold brew.


The next time you visit Starbucks and they ask you to pick a size for your coffee, you’ll understand the meaning of “Tall,” “Grande,” or “Venti.” These names reflect Howard Schultz’s dream of making a coffee culture that goes beyond the usual. The Starbucks coffee sizes have a touch of Italian flair that makes your daily coffee more special.


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