Schotia/Addo Ivory Tusks Safari in South Africa

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One of South Africa's 20 national parks, Addo Elephant National Park is a diversified animal conservation area adjacent to Gqeberha. After the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and Kruger National Park, it is presently the third-largest park in the world. One of the largest open-air Lapas in South Africa is reportedly located at Schotia Safaris. Except for the outer ring, where the dining tables and bar area are covered by a traditionally thatched roof, it has reed and sneezewood walls and is exposed to the African skies.

A blazing log fire and numerous huge "Schotia" trees may be found inside the Lapa. Dinner is often a fusion of traditional South African cookery and safari food; the specific menu changes depending on what is in the season that day. You can view plenty of elephants, lions, rhinos, and other animals. You will go on two game drives (morning and afternoon) at Addo Elephant National Park as part of this small-group tour to increase your chances of seeing the Big 5.

Day 1: Arrival and preparation for Addo Elephants park 

You will take a flight to go to O. R. Tambo International Airport or Port Elizabeth on the first day. Right here, our representatives will be waiting for you. After that, you may take a car to your Gqeberha lodging. The other group members will be properly introduced to you by your coordinators. You will discover more about your program at orientation. Prepare for your vacation in advance so that you may relax for the evening or go for a walk close to your host family.

Day 2:  A day at Schotia safari 

You will be transferred to Schotia Safaris on the first day of this fascinating vacation. You will leave for the Schotia Tooth & Claw safari in the afternoon or evening after registering, where you will see some of the greatest wildlife watching the Eastern Cape has to offer. You will then get the opportunity to see a variety of antelope, zebra, ostrich, crocodile, rhino, giraffe, and even nocturnal species like lions and hippos. Then, unwind over supper and savor our delectable safari fare in the evening. Finally, after coffee by the fire, your ranger will transport you to your lodge where the nighttime sounds of the African forest will soothe you to sleep.

Day 3: Safari in Addo Elephants park

Before your ranger takes you for a morning drive, you awaken to the sound of birds and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. You can seek for any creatures you missed the previous evening while on this trip, and you can also begin to notice some of the tiny elements that contribute to the functionality of the bush. After a filling breakfast, you switch cars and go for the Addo Tour, which takes you to the Addo Elephant National Park. After spending the morning looking for and watching elephants, you return to Schotia after a filling lunch at a nearby farm stand. You can choose to unwind at camp in the evening or go on another wildlife drive for some stunning photo opportunities.:

Day 4: Depart

Take a tour this morning before breakfast. Return to the camp for full breakfast after that. When we return to Gqeberha, the voyage will be over. You are free to explore Nairobi after your visit or head back home.

2nights 3days US$ 1000

Cost Includes

  • Accommodation (room and food)
  • Transportation
  • Guide

The weather of Schotia/Addo Ivory 
Rainfall is rather fairly distributed throughout the year, unlike the summer rainfall pattern that affects most of the nation, however, there are two peaks: in February-March and in October-November. Midwinter can bring temperatures close to freezing. Although the park spans a broad range of elevations, the primary tourist region is located below 250 meters. Southern Hemisphere's subtropical zone, is located between two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. Due to this, the days are moist and hot while the night is chilly.

Packing advice for Schotia/Addo Ivory 
The safari items are needed if you're going on a safari ride. If you like shooting pictures, feel free to bring your phone and camera. One of the most challenging parts of traveling is packing, and organizing a trip to a southern region may be very challenging. For the vast range of heights, temperatures, and activities, you'll need more than a few t-shirts and bathing suits. Since the weather may radically change from one season to the next, travelers should always be aware of the season they are visiting.

Cultural Advice for Schotia/Addo Ivory
In Africa, there are over 120 different tribes, each with its own culture, language, and traditions. These tribes in Schotia/Add are predominantly Xhosa tribes. The Xhosa people, who are South Africa's second-largest ethnic group after the Zulu, were known as hunters and herders. They have a fairly conventional lifestyle. They adhere to a number of dietary, social, and ceremonial traditions. Culture, history, and human connections all play key roles as sources of tourism among the Xhosa. The Xhosa are known for their traditional dance and have a unique look. Additionally, the region is well known for its unique style of life.

Communication in Schotia/Addo Ivory (phone, internet)
There are various ways to communicate when traveling. They should have had plenty of time to prepare for the fact that none of them will act the same way they do at home. But practically all hotels offer internet connection up to a certain level. Depending on where you are, they charge different hourly prices. All around the nation, 4G service is offered by telecom companies. The remainder of the way up the slope, Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere due to the abundance of ISPs. Visit the websites of the ISPs to learn more. On their websites, many of the hotels and businesses along the route offer usernames and passwords.

Money and Currency in Schotia/Addo Ivory 
Finding a money exchange facility during your trip is challenging and may ruin your trip. Gqeberha offers banks and money changers for currency exchange. Banks provide somewhat higher conversion rates than money changers, but more paperwork is required. Please remember to bring your passport. You also need to provide a copy of your visa. Make certain you got the right quantity. It is vital to constantly do a proper analysis of the money received. Additionally, there are money exchangers outside Schotia reserve and Addo National park. Although there are other currencies utilized, it is best to do transactions in the local currency.

Health tips for travelers in Schotia/Addo Ivory
When traveling, you should take careful care of your health. While on your trip, you will undoubtedly receive healthful meals, but you are still responsible for your own health. Only consume meat if you have knowledge about it. If you are having problems with your normal diet, please contact our representative. You might also ask the hosts to prepare dinner for you. You should always carry your drugs with you because it's possible that some pharmacies won't have the required prescriptions.